A Few Facts About Us

A Message from our Founder: For many of you that follow us and know what we are about, you already know we are not a traditional non-profit. We are trying to change the world, this is true, but I truly feel like “HOW” we do it is unique. Our mission statement reads “Changing the lives […]

Girls on the Run Team 2

I Paid It Forward with Girls On the Run

Recently we had an amazing opportunity to help 30 elementary school girls in a Portland school fulfill their need for running shoes so they could be part of the Girls on the Run Program. Girls on the Run is an empowerment program for girls which uses running as a vehicle to teach self esteem, self […]

Boy With the White Shoes

The other day, I Paid It Forward’s team visited an elementary school where a child had received an I Paid It Forward Card and requested shoes. We had a general idea of this kid’s shoe size, but just to be safe, we brought five pair in to get the best fit. It was lunchtime, and […]

They call her the “Shoe Lady”

  They call her “the shoe lady” because I Paid It Forward’s founder and president, Keri-Lyn Jakubs, delivers new shoes to children while they are in school. The sizes brought are determined by the children who are nominated and receive an I Paid It Forward “gift of kindness” card. However, Keri-Lyn knows that not all […]